How to Repair Bad Frame AVI

Watching AVI videos with bad frame report can make your experience worse! Download Remo Repair AVI tool demo edition for free and easily fix all such issues in AVI, DIVX and XVID files in just few mouse clicks.

Repair Bad AVI File

At certain times, when you download an AVI movie and play it on any media player, the video plays by skipping frames, pixel distortion or frozen images. This ruins the whole movie experience by making it unplayable. Although, there are some video players like VLC or Media Player Classic which comes with the ability to handle these bad frames and attempt to play AVI files without any lag. Sometimes, even these players cannot render AVI videos with severe multiple bad frames.

Is it possible to fix bad frame AVI file?

Yes, it is possible to repair AVI video with bad frame with the aid of Remo Repair AVI tool. It quickly repairs AVI file with bad frame and make it playable once again on any media player. The repair process starts with the separation of audio-video streams, fixes the issues and adjoins both the streams to create a healthy AVI file. During the entire repair process, the original AVI video remains untouched.

How to repair bad frame AVI with Remo Repair AVI tool

Remo Repair AVI software is available for free which you can install on your Mac OS X machine by clicking Download button. Next, you need to follow the detailed guide explained below to repair bad AVI file on Mac.

Step 1: Launch Remo Repair AVI and browse the AVI video with bad frame using “Open” option, then click on “Repair” button.


Open AVI file and hit on Repair

Step 2: Once the repair process is completed, you can view the repaired AVI video along with its description using “Preview Repaired File option.

Preview repaired AVI file

Step 3: Click on Save Repaired File” button in order to save the repaired playable AVI file on your Mac machine.

 Save repaired AVI file


Possible scenarios for unplayable AVI video:

One of the common reasons for not playing AVI video is the presence of bad frame within the AVI file. The bad frames on AVI video can occur due to various reasons like media player incompatibility, saving the AVI video on a corrupted storage media, etc. Although, bad frames are one of the main cause behind AVI file corruption, there are many other factors due to which your AVI video becomes damaged and refuses to play. Some of the major reasons are listed below:

  • Frequently changing the file extension of your AVI file might damage its structure and make it inaccessible.
  • Incomplete download of AVI file from internet makes the video corrupt and unplayable.
  • Any sort of interruption while transferring AVI files could corrupt the video and make the file inaccessible.
  • Other reasons that might damage AVI video include bad sectors on the drive, abnormal system termination, codec error, etc.

No need to get tensed, if your AVI video is corrupt, damaged or inaccessible due to bad frame or any other aforementioned reasons. As said earlier all such issues will be fixed easily and make it playable using Remo Repair AVI tool. The software comes handy to repair black screen while playing an AVI file on Windows and even repairs AVI file stored in various storage devices like hard drive, iPods, memory card, camcorders, pen drives and many more. In addition to AVI file, it supports repairing of DIVX and XVID files on all latest versions of Mac including Mac OS X El Capitan.