Fix AVI File Plays only Audio while Video Freezes

On most of the occasions, we prefer recording videos to capture those moments and enjoy watching them later. Most of the cameras support AVI video file format for saving of recorded videos. What happens when the recorded AVI file gets corrupt? Do you have any idea what results into corrupt video file. In this case, when your AVI video gets corrupt or damaged, it starts displaying several errors like AVI video freezes sound continues or video playing with delay in sound, etc. For such annoying situations, it is required to repair AVI video file freezes sound keeps going using video file repair software. Among several third party repairing apps, Remo Repair AVI is the most preferred and recommended one by industry experts.

Why Remo Repair AVI Tool?

  • It is simple to use provided with attractive step by step screenshots.
  • Quickly repairs AVI file along with XVID and DivX video file formats.
  • Supports AVI video repair on all Windows OS based computers and laptops.
  • Facilitates with 24*7 technical support in assisting queries on using Remo Repair AVI tool.

As we know that, we won't find all beautiful memories of village same as in the city, so most of us would record each and every single moment when we visit to the village. Assume that you have recorded some great moments of yours with family when you visited to your village. What if recorded AVI video plays smoothly with sound playback, but freezes with video displaying distorted pictures. It will definitely ruin your enjoyment as you can't go back and live the happy moments once again. What next? Worried on how to fix the error AVI video freezes sound continues? Well, no need to get tensed because here exists the most proficient repair application Remo Repair AVI, which repairs AVI file that plays only audio and frozen video.

Remo Repair AVI, the perfect repairing software that helps you to fix corrupt, damaged or broken AVI video file. The software is capable of fixing AVI file after corruption due to malware attack, bad frames, faulty media player or malfunctioning of player, unsupported video codecs, power cut down while playing AVI movies, ejecting memory card from camera without switching off the camera.

On using trial edition of Remo Repair AVI software, you can successfully repair corrupted AVI video file with audio playback, but you will not be able to save the repaired AVI file. This is because, in trial version, “Save” feature will be disabled that does not let you save the file that has been fixed. So, one has to purchase the licensed version of this repairing application to save repaired video files. Once you enter the licensed key, “Save” feature gets enabled allowing you to save repaired AVI videos with proper audio video sync on your desired storage location.

Exclusive Features of Remo Repair AVI Program:

  • AVI repair tool works on read only mode, that means it takes a copy of AVI file which is corrupted and starts repairing AVI file playing audio with freezing video. When repair process is over, it generates healthy AVI video ensuring no further damage to corrupted AVI file.
  • During the process of corrupt AVI video file repair, Remo Repair AVI application works on both audio and video frames side by side and later adjoins both the data streams to form single video file with proper audio video syncing.
  • Remo Repair AVI proves to be the perfect tool to repair large corrupt AVI video files on computers, laptops, external hard drives, memory cards, USB drives, etc.

Mandatory Points to Remember:

  • Do not install Remo Repair AVI software on the same storage drive from where you want to fix corrupt AVI file playing only audio with frozen video.
  • Keep updating installed anti-virus scanning software to prevent your computer or laptop from unknown external threats.
  • Make use of strong power source to avoid unexpected turn off of computer. In case of laptop, keep your laptop battery fully charged.
  • You need to log in as admin in order to get Remo Repair AVI tool installed on computer.
  • Have minimum of 1GB and maximum of 2GB free space on your computers hard disk for proper installation.


Steps to fix AVI video freezes audio continues:

Step 1: Download Remo Repair AVI application to your Windows computer. Install the software and follow the simple instruction that are getting displayed on the screen. Select your corrupt AVI file using “Browse” or “Open” option.

AVI Video Freezes Sound Continues - Main Window

Image 1: Main Window

Step 2: Once selected, click “Repair” option to start the AVI video repair process. Monitor the repairing process by looking at the progress bar.

Fix AVI Video Freezes Audio Continues - Repairing Progress

Image 2: Repairing Progress

Step 3: On completion, the tool displays the video file description. Finally, preview and save your repaired AVI video file to your desired destination location.

Repair AVI that Plays Sound with Freezing Video - Preview & Save Repaired File

Figure C: Preview & Save Repaired File