Repair XVID Videos that Won’t Play

Unable to play your favourite XVID AVI files? Don't worry, you can fix it at your fingertips

Do you find it difficult to play your XVID AVI video file? Has your important XVID file turned corrupt? Are you wondering on how to fix your XVID video? If these are your questions, then don’t worry you are not alone! XVID is a video format which is closely related to AVI file, these video clips offers many advantages over other video files such as these files store both audio and video in a single file etc. Adding to this, XVID video files can be played on multiple operating system platforms such as Windows, Android and Mac.

However, an XVID file stops playing video when it gets severely damaged or corrupt; after such circumstances the best option available to you restoring your crucial XVID video clip from updated backup (OR) using a tool like Remo Repair to fix your unplayable XVID AVI video. There are several reasons due to which an XVID video clip turns corrupt, some of the common ones are explained below:

  • Broken Download: Many a times your XVID video clip gets corrupt and unplayable, if any interruptions such as power failure, improper system termination etc occurs while downloading the XVID video clip
  • Bad Sectors: Presence of bad sectors on storage media like Mac Volumes, Windows hard disk, iPods, external hard disk, USB drives etc; makes your XVID video unplayable
  • Malware Infection: Malware infection is another main reasons due to which XVID AVI file turns corrupt; infection of deadly viruses damages the structure of an XVID video making the video unplayable
  • Other Reasons: XVID header file corruption, operating system reinstallation, application malfunction, codec issue, transfer error, hardware exception etc are some of the other reasons

Repair not playing XVID video with Remo Repair:

Remo Repair is an exceptional repair utility which easily fixes XVID video corruption and makes the file playable again. The software supports fixing on XVID video stored on any storage device such as memory cards, internal hard disks, external hard disks, pen drives, multimedia devices, cameras, camcorders etc. Apart from XVID file, the application also fixes severely corrupt / damaged AVI and DIVX video. With the help of Remo Repair utility you can turn your unplayable XVID video back to its working condition in few minutes.

Why use Remo?

  • Remo Repair is one of the fastest and most widely used video repair utility
  • Non destructive software which makes sure your original XVID video stays intact
  • Preview the repaired video file before saving operation
  • Demo version of the software is available to help user check its capability before purchase
  • Remo Repair is available for both Windows and Mac based PC. Click on Remo Repair AVI Mac to find full info about its Mac version

Because of the above stated features, Remo Repair AVI tool is considered as a ONE STOP SOLUTION for all those users who are wondering for an effective way to Play Unplayable XVID Videos.

Have a look at this video to figure out that how this tool actually works: