How to Fix Corrupted MOV File on Windows 10

Updated on March 18, 2020

Download the free MOV repair utility from Remo to fix corrupted or damaged MOV file that is refusing to play on your Windows 10 Media Player, VLC Player, or the other Media Players. Try the trial version and play the repaired video for free!


Quick fix for corrupt MOV file on Windows 10

If you have a corrupt MOV video file that is refusing to play on your Windows 10, then this page would be really helpful. Here is a free corrupt MOV file repair solution for Windows 10 users. Remo MOV Repair is a professional video repair tool that can fix corrupt MOV, MP4, and M4V video files on Windows 10 PC/laptop. With this tool, you can easily fix .mov files not playing in Windows 10 and make them playable again in couple of clicks.

Remo Repair MOV comes handy to fix corrupted MOV file on Windows 10

Repairing corrupted MOV file on Windows 10 system is now an easy task with the help of Remo Repair MOV. It is a safe utility which is non-destructive, read-only toolkit which will never damage or modify your original video file. The wizard like interface of the software is so easy-to-use that even a novice user with less technical knowledge can carry out the repair process without any glitches. The tool is also helpful in repairing audio-video synchronization issues in MOV, and MP4 files on all the latest versions of Windows operating systems.

Important Note: It is necessary to provide a healthy playable MOV file of the same format and codec as that of the corrupted MOV video for reference. Also, make sure that both healthy and unplayable video has been recorded on the same camcorder or device with same settings.


Procedure to Fix corrupt MOV File on Windows 10 with Remo MOV Repair:

Click Download Now button and install the trial edition of Remo Repair MOV to your Windows system for free. Follow step-by-step instructions to effectively fix corrupted MOV file on Windows 10.

Step 1: Launch Remo Repair MOV. Click on “Healthy File” button to browse a playable file as a reference and select the corrupted MOV file using “Corrupted File” option, then click on “Repair

Select corrupted MOV file and click Repair

Step 2: Tool start repairing the selected video file which you can monitor by looking at the progress bar

View repairing progress

Step 3: Once the repair process is finished, click on “Preview” button to see the fixed MOV file along with file description

Preview repaired MOV file

Step 4: Click “Save” icon and store the repaired MOV file video on any memory location of your choice

Save Repaired File


Supported codecs by Remo Repair MOV:

Audio – RAW, sowt, mp4a

Video - mjpeg, avc1, mp4v

What causes corruption in MOV file on Windows 10?

  • Loss of internet connectivity while the MOV file is downloading
  • Interruptions while transferring MOV files from Windows 10 drive to external storage drive or vice versa
  • At times, corruption in MOV file can be a result of a broken header
  • MOV files recovered via untrustworthy tools might not play
  • Corrupted MOV video can be due to compression error
  • Virus and malware threats can corrupt the video files that inturn results in inaccessible of the infected files

All the aforementioned scenarios may corrupt or damage your MOV file on Windows 10 computer.  But with the aid of Remo Repair MOV program, even inexperienced user will be able to fix the issues with MOV file with utmost ease.