How to Repair DivX Cannot Render File?

“Recently, I played one of my important video files on my Windows PC. The video instead of getting played, it generated an error as “Cannot Render the File”. It is in DivX file format, repeatedly I am getting this horrific message on my computer screen. I played that DivX video on other computers as well, but the same error is popping out every time. Currently looking for a way to fix this error on my video. Please do suggest me a simple way of fixing DivX file’s errors?”

The above described issue with DivX file is very common. Mainly on media player classic, you’ll confront such issues. Manually it is bit hectic to resolve this error. One has to change several default settings. However, it has been noticed that even after changing the settings the error keeps repeating. And, the video won’t play unless a best method of fixing the video is employed. In order to fix the video in an efficient way, there exists a powerful repair application. Remo Repair AVI is one such robust utility, which is capable of repairing DivX file errors meritoriously. It’s a powerful third party utility that is capable of fixing even severely damaged or corrupted DivX videos. Most of the users around the globe do prefer this app. It is tremendously simple to use. In addition to it, the software has simple and user friendly interface which makes the repair process easier by offering apt instructions to the user. Let us discuss what factors influence DivX files to generate cannot render file error.

  • DivX video file may become inaccessible, when the computer on which it is playing shuts down improperly. Frequent power surges can make the PC to shut down inappropriately. This will definitely impact the files that have been accessed at the time of PC shut down.
  • Header retains all necessary information of DivX video. It contains elementary information such as date of creation, file format, size of file, etc. Header can lose this information, if it gets damaged. Damaged header will cause the video to become inaccessible.
  • External threats are also responsible for DivX file to get damage. Viruses are the main threatening elements which can corrupt the files and make them inaccessible.

Many other reasons are there, which can ruin the DivX file after which they generate various errors. Well, Remo Repair AVI is capable enough to fix the issue and make the video playable.

Stunning Features of Remo Repair AVI Software:

Remo Repair AVI has the capability of fixing corrupted AVI and XviD videos. It can proficiently repair large AVI files in few moments. The software is compatible with all major editions of Windows operating systems including Win 8, Windows 7, XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008. It has the prospective to fix corrupted DivX videos on different types of secondary storage devices such as SD cards, CF cards, xD cards, external hard disks, USB flash drives, etc. Read only software that scans corrupted DivX file to fix fix input file is not an AVI file error and then creates a healthy new file. Repaired DivX files can be previewed. Free trial version of this app is available, which allows you check its capability. Safe tool to use, since it is free from various threats including viruses or suspicious programs.


Steps to use Remo Repair AVI app:

Step 1: Download Remo Repair and once done install it to your personal computer. Run the installed software and follow the main screen steps. Browse and select your DivX video that is to be repaired and then click “Repair” option to start the repair process.

DivX Cannot Render File - Main Window

Image 1: Main Window

Step 2: The repair progress can be monitored on the progress bar.

Repair DivX Cannot Render File - Repairing Progress

Image 2: Repairing Progress

Step 3: After repair completion, the tool shows the fixed DivX video file along with its description. The tool also allows you to preview the fixed file using “Preview” option.

Fix DivX Cannot Render File - Preview Repaired File

Figure C: Preview Repaired File

Step 4: Then, finally save your repaired AVI file using “Save” option.

Cannot Render the File DivX Repair - Save Repaired File

Figure D: Save Repaired File