How to Repair MTS Video File

Fix corrupted MTS video files which fails to play or throws error messages while playing in just a few simple steps using Remo Repair AVI. Download the free demo version of the tool and preview the repaired healthy MTS video file.


Repair corrupted MTS video files by yourself

Nowadays, camcorders are used by many beginners and professional users. In a camcorder, all the videos and photos shot are stored in the MTS file format. The videos taken by camcorder are of great quality. But, the only problem with the MTS video is that it easily get corrupted resulting to loss of precious video files. There are several reasons which can be responsible for corruption in MTS files such as virus attack, interrupted power supply, hardware malfunctioning and others. In such situationa, any attempt to access the file from corrupted MTS video results into annoying error messages. Hence, it is recommended to try professional MTS video repair tool from Remo to repair corrupted video files on Mac and Windows OS in a convenient manner.

Brief overview of corrupted MTS video file repair software- Remo Repair AVI

Remo Repair AVI is one of the robust and advanced MTS video repair tool to fix corrupted, damaged or broken MTS videos in few simple steps. It has been designed with user friendly GUI and strong scanning algorithms which ensures the users about safe and quick recovery of all their unplayable MTS files. This utility effectively repairs the corrupted MTS video file without damaging the original MTS video as it works in read only mode. In addition to MTS video files, this software also fixes corrupt AVI header, DIVX, and XVID video files that are corrupted severely and unplayable on any media players. Additionaly, you can fix error 0xc00d5212 cannot play AVI file, and other errors associated with the AVI video files with this software.

Steps to fix corrupted MTS video files with Remo Repair AVI


Step 1: Launch Remo Repair AVI and click on “Browse” button to select corrupt MTS file, then click “Repair” icon

Browse the corrupted MTS video file and click on Repair

Step 2: The software starts repairing the selected corrupt MTS video file which you monitor by looking at the progress bar

View the status of repairing process

Step 3: After completion of repair, click “Preview” option to see the repaired MTS video in advance and then, “Save” fixed MTS video on a desired location by purchasing the licensed version

Preview/Save repaired MTS video file


What causes MTS videos to get corrupted or damaged?

MTS video file become corrupt and user may fail to play their valuable videos from storage device due to:

  • Interruption while recording MTS video files
  • Incomplete transfer of MTS video files
  • Bad sectors on storage media where MTS files are stored
  • Playing MTS files with unsupported media player

Apart from aforementioned scenarios, there can also be several other possibilities due to which MTS video files may get corrupted. Unfortunately, if you are experiencing any of the above listed case and do not have suitable backup, then opt for Remo MTS video file repair software to resolve corrupted video file issues in no time.

Demo vs licensed version of Remo Repair AVI

Remo Repair AVI is one of the secure way to fix corrupted MTS video files in just fraction of minutes. However, user should know about its free demo version and paid licensed version which are discussed below:

  • Demo version provides with preview of the corrupted/damaged/broken video files along with its repaired file description
  • Users have to avail paid licensed version in order to save the repaired healthy video file on any desired location which is accessible to the computer

Avoid common mistakes to prevent corrupted MTS files issues for future

  • Do not record video when camera battery is running slow
  • Scan your system regularly in order to prevent video files from getting infected by viruses
  • Do not eject external storage media in between file transfer process