How to Fix QuickTime Error 23132 with M4V Files

Easy to perform QuickTime error 23132 fix on M4V, MOV or MP3 files with Remo Repair MOV software. You just have to select the unplayable video file, click Repair icon, then preview and save the fixed video.

Fix Quicktime Error 23132 with M4V Files

Symptoms of QuickTime error 23132

  • QuickTime error 23132 is displayed.
  • Your PC periodically freezes for few seconds at a time.
  • "Error 23132" pop up and crashes the active program window.
  • Windows run sluggishly and responds slowly to keyboard or mouse input.
  • Frequently computer crashes with error 23132 when running the same application.

Here's a real time scenario:

“Hi, I am unable to open M4V files with QuickTime player on my Windows 10 PC. After upgrading iTunes on my system, I get error 23132 when trying to play M4V file. How do I fix the issue to view the file on QuickTime?”

No worries, you can repair M4V files in an easy and secure manner. Remo comes up with a safe video repair software that fixes QuickTime error 23132 and makes the .m4v vide playable again.  But, before getting to know more about the software, let’s check out common reasons which may cause QuickTime error 23132:

  • Corruption in Windows registry
  • Incomplete installation of QuickTime application
  • Accidental deletion of QuickTime related files
  • Virus or malware infection that has damaged QuickTime or Windows system files

All these factors may corrupt M4V file and when you attempt to open, you may get QuickTime error 23132. If you are wondering how to repair corrupt M4V files on Mac or Windows, then Remo Repair MOV is the only answer for your query.  Tool repairs .m4v file and deliver an error free playable .m4v file in just few clicks.


How does Remo Repair MOV tool work for QuickTime error 23132 fix?

Remo Repair MOV program works in a read-only mode to fix QuickTime error 23132 with .m4v files. Therefore, it will never damage or modify your original video while fixing M4V file. It fixes your unplayable M4V file by extracting the video - audio tracks from it. Later, it analyzes and fixes the errors on both the tracks separately, then adjoins them to generate a playable video. In this way, the original file will be intact and you will get an error free M4V file. The easy-to-use GUI with handy options makes the QuickTime error 23132 fix process easier and quicker for even a new user.

Steps to fix QuickTime error 23132 with M4V files using Remo Repair MOV

Get Remo Repair MOV trial for free by clicking Download button to repair QuickTime error 23132 on M4V, MOV or MP4 files. Install the software to your Windows or Mac OS, run the application and follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch Remo Repair MOV and click “Corrupted File” icon to choose the M4V file showing QuickTime error 23132 and give “Healthy File”, then hit “Repair”.

Browse video and press Repair

Step 2: The software automatically starts repairing the chosen M4V file which you can see via progress bar.

View repairing progress

Step 3: Once QuickTime error 23132 fix process is finished, you can view the file by clicking “Preview Repaired File” option.

Preview repaired M4V file

Step 4: Select the destination location of your choice and click on “Save Repaired File” to save the fixed video.

Save repaired M4V file

Other characteristics of Remo Repair MOV tool

Tool is capable of fixing severely corrupted, damaged or broken M4V files that refuses to play on any media players. Other unique traits of the software is listed below:

  • Fixes audio or video sync issues on M4V files
  • Capable of fixing unplayable M4V files that are quite large
  • Repairs M4V files shot on various devices like camcorders, cameras or smart phones
  • Supports repairing of MP4, MOV and M4V files successfully

Supported codecs by Remo Repair MOV:

  • Audio: RAW, sowt, mp4a
  • Video: mjpeg, avc1, mp4v