WinRAR CRC Error Repair Tool

How to Fix RAR Archive CRC Error?

Nowadays, everyone compress their important files to save memory space on their Windows computer. Compression of files not only helps them save memory space but also helps them perform tasks like file uploading, downloading and transferring easier. Although there are many file compression utility available on the market, many people make use of WinRAR utility to compress their crucial files. In fact, RAR files are so popular these days that even smart phones such as Android and iPhone use them to compress multiple files.

Nonetheless, compression of a file is a complex task and more often than not. Such highly compressed files are vulnerable to problems such as corruption and damage. Many a times decompression of such corrupt RAR files result in CRC errors. So, if you are a user with this kind of problem! No need to get upset as you can easily fix bad CRC error with the help of Remo Repair software. But, prior to repair process, let us first get to know what is CRC error and about the software.

So, what is CRC Error?

CRC is abbreviated for Cyclic Redundancy Check; it is an algorithm which checks the parity bit of the source and downloaded RAR file. And, if any mismatch between the two is found then WinRAR software displays this error notification. This error notification can be resolved by re-downloading the same file again, however sometimes no matter how many times you download the same file again, this error message pops up and disrupts the decompression process.

Introduction to Remo Repair Software

Remo Repair RAR is an excellent utility which you can use in case of WinRAR archive corruption / damage. It is a robust application specially designed to fix RAR archive CRC error with utmost ease; more to this, the software easily repairs password, encrypted and large size RAR archives and helps you regain access to all the files. Adding to this, the application runs on all major version of Windows operating system including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and even on the latest Windows 8.

Why use Remo Repair?

You may be thinking why do I have to use Remo Repair while there are hundreds of other RAR repair programs. The truth is, Remo Repair utility offers you with many advanced features which you don’t find in any other utilities. Such as non destructive tool, free demo version, preview contents of the RAR file, virus free, friendly user interface, easy to use and many others.

  • Four step RAR repair process (Browse --> Select --> Repair --> Save)
  • The application is simple to use, fast, reliable and more efficient than other repair utilities
  • You can make use of demo version of the software to check its capability



Steps to Fix RAR Archive CRC error:

Step 1: Download Remo Repair RAR software and install the same to personal computer to repair RAR CRC error. Launch the application and then click on “Browse” option to choose your corrupt RAR file. After that click on "Repair" button to start the RAR file repair process as shown in figure A.

Fix RAR Archive CRC Error - Select RAR File

Figure A: Select RAR File

Step 2: You can moniter the repair process through progress window as shown in figure B.

How to Repair RAR CRC Error - Repair Process

Figure B: Repair Process

Step 3: After repair completion, you can preview the contents of the repaired RAR file as shown in figure C.

RAR CRC Error Fix- Preview RAR File

Figure C: Preview RAR File

Step 4: At last choose the destination path to save repaired RAR file as shown in figure D.

Fixing RAR Files CRC Errors - Save Repaired RAR File

Figure D: Save RAR File