Methods to Fix Video Playback Error in MOV Files

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QuickTime not Playing .mov Files

MOV file might get freeze while playing or you may experience lag and choppy video. In some cases, you may get errors while playing MOV file. These all are playback errors which annoy you. There are many factors which causes playback error. In most of the cases, it occurs due to damaged codecs, out dated device drivers and corrupted MOV file.

Here are the fixes to tackle the playback error in MOV files-

Perform these fixes one after the other until you fix video playback issue in MOV video file.

Fix #1: Install Necessary Codec Pack

If your playback errors are related to codecs, then you need to install desired codec packs. For that, you have to uninstall already installed codec packs. Next is to get the desired codec packs.

  • Once you uninstall codec pack, restart your system
  • Then, inspect the required codecs
  • Download and install desired codec pack

After installing required codecs, play your MOV file. Still getting video playback error? Then, check whether you have updated your drivers or not. If not, try out second method.

Fix #2: Update Device Drivers

  • For updating device drivers, navigate to Start-> Device Manager
  • Then, select Display Adapter and check whether there is yellow exclamation mark under it
  • If there is any yellow exclamation mark, then update it

If your drivers are corrupted, then download and install it once again. After, restart the system and open your video.

Fix #3: Fix Video Playback Error in MOV Using Remo Repair MOV

If your MOV file showing playback errors even after having proper codecs and updated drivers, then you need to use repair software for fixing the playback errors in MOV File. And, Remo Repair MOV will lessen your work. The tool comes with simple to use graphical interface and self-explained options which helps you to fix video playback errors in MOV file.

Step by Step Guide for Fixing Video Playback Error in MOV Files: -

Get Remo Repair MOV tool on your system by clicking Download Now button. Once you download .exe file, double click on it to install the software. After installation, run the software.


Step 1: As soon you get the home screen, select MOV file that needs to be fixed using “Corrupted File” option. Then, give the reference video of the same format using “Healthy File” option and hit “Repair” button.

Select QuickTime MOV file and click Repair to fix QuickTime not playing .mov files

Step 2: The software starts fixing issues in MOV file once you hit the Repair button

View repairing progress

Step 3: After completion of repair process, you will get window with Preview option. Click on Preview button and verify repaired MOV file

Preview repaired MOV file

Step 4: Finally, select the location to store the repaired MOV file and hit Save button

Save Repaired File


Other Benefits of using Remo Repair MOV tool-

  • Helps to fix MOV, MP4 and M4V files that are corrupted/damaged or unplayable on any media player
  • Repairs MOV files that are recorded using popular camera brands, such as Pentax, Nikon, Canon Kodak, and more.
  • MOV files stored on internal hard drive, external hard drive, USB flash drive, memory card and other external drive can be fixed