Professional Way to Fix Virus Infected RAR File

Unable to open and extract files from RAR archive after virus attacks? Click download to learn how to repair virus infected RAR file using the professional Remo Repair RAR software.


Can't extract your RAR files? Did this just happen to you?

At times, when you try to extract files from RAR archive, you may encounter error message stating “The file is corrupt and cannot be opened”. One of the main reasons for RAR file corruption is viruses. If you have such an experience, you may know that virus attack will result in file inaccessibility due to which you may fail to open and extract contents from your RAR.

Solution to repair virus infected RAR file

To fix virus infected RAR files, the most recommended option is to use Remo RAR Repair tool.  The software repairs and recover files from corrupt or inaccessible RAR archive on Windows operating system. User friendly GUI and equipped with the list of options ensure eases virus infected RAR file repair process. Not only repair RAR files corrupt due to virus attack, but you can use this tool to fix broken RAR file as a result of incomplete download, CRC error, header damage, etc. One of the great things about this utility is that it does not modify or change your original RAR file and hence fixes it smoothly to generate entirely new RAR archive.

How to repair virus infected RAR file with Remo Repair RAR software

Click Download Now button to get the trial version of Remo Repair RAR tool for free and install it to your Windows computer / laptop. Follow step-by-step instructions to fix virus infected RAR file in just few mouse clicks.


Step 1: Launch Remo Repair RAR, click “Browse” option to select your virus infected RAR file and then click on “Repair” button

Browse infected RAR file and click on Repair

Step 2: The software automatically starts repairing your RAR file infected with virus infection which you see via progress bar

View repairing progress

Step 3: Once the virus infected RAR file repair process is completed, you can “Preview” all the files and folders present in your corrupt RAR archive

Preview repaired RAR file

Step 4: Make use of “Browse” button to select the storage path in order to save your repaired RAR file, then click on “Save” icon

Browse destination location to Save repaired RAR file


How does your RAR files get infected with virus infection?

  • Device corruption: In case, if your device is infected with severe viruses like Trojan, Adware, Spyware, then not only RAR file but other data stored on your computer become inaccessible.
  • Sharing RAR file over the network: There is high probability of virus attack while transferring or sending RAR file on unsecured websites. It might damage RAR file header and leads to inaccessible state.

Whatsoever might be the reason behind RAR file being infected with viruses, you are incapable to extract its contents unless you fix it. Therefore, to resolve corrupt RAR file problem due to virus infection, the simplest method is Remo Repair RAR tool.

Why choose Remo Repair RAR software to fix RAR files?

Remo Repair RAR program is an ultimate solution for repairing RAR file format that are corrupted, when RAR file backup is not available or it is not possible to re-download RAR archives. The software repairs all kinds of .rar files and even helps you to fix the following RAR file errors:

  • “Unable to extract RAR files and appearing a message saying mismatch in size”
  • “The archive is either in unknown format or damaged”
  • “Unexpected end of archive”
  • “File Open error: invalid CRC”
  • “Cannot open file: it doesn't appear to be valid archive”
  • “Unexpected end of file”
  • “CRC check failure”
  •  “Error: cannot open file”
  • And others...!