Remo Repair

AVI Index Is Broken or Missing - How to Fix It?

Is your AVI file index is broken or missing? Worried about fixing it? Make use of Remo Repair tool to resolve all the indexing problems related to AVI, DIVX and XVID videos file formats on both Windows / Mac OS X.

Error 0xc00d5212 Can't Play AVI Fix

Have you ever faced a situation where in your AVI file index is broken or missing? This might happen due to corruption in AVI file. There are many reasons behind AVI file corruption such as:

  • Frequently altering the slider while playing AVI video
  • Inappropriate termination of video player while playing video
  • Unexpected system shutdown during AVI file transfer process
  • Partial downloading of AVI file due to sudden interruptions
  • Bad sector formation in the storage location where AVI file is stored
  • Virus or malware attacks on AVI files
  • Recording video when there is insufficient memory
  • Codec structure damage

Fortunately, most of the damaged AVI files can be repaired using some recovery methods. So let us now discuss the procedure to repair AVI index which is broken or lost.

Step 1: Download and install Remo Repair Software on your Mac or Windows system. In the first screen, click the Browse button and select the AVI file to be fixed, then click Repair button.

Browse .avi file and click on Repair to repair AVI error 0xc00d5212 on Windows 10

Step 2: Monitor the repair process using the progress bar

View repairing progress

Step 3: As soon as the repair process completes, you can get an option to see repaired video preview before saving it.

Preview & Save repaired AVI file

Features of Remo Repair Software:

  • Its read-only feature will not modify the original file, during repair process
  • Has ability to fix broken video files (AVI files, DIVX file, and XVID videos files) successfully
  • Offers trial version of the software, where you can ensure the repair process by using given preview option then you can go for full version of it
  • It has a user friendly interface with few simple steps, which helps even a novice user to operate and repair the file
  • Ability to repair damaged or inaccessible videos from system hard drive, external hard drive, memory card, pen drive, etc.


Helpful Tips:

  • Do not record or play when the device battery low or storage is full
  • Use updated antivirus software to keep your Mac free from virus
  • Don’t interrupt while transferring or copying AVI videos to another device
  • Always maintain backup of important files