How to Fix 'WinRAR No Files to Extract' Error?

"WinRAR no files to extract" is the common error message that many users encounter while extracting RAR files. One can easily fix this error and extract the corrupt RAR file with Remo RAR Repair tool. Download Remo RAR Repair tool for free and extract your file in three simple steps..!


"I downloaded my favorite game from online. It was compressed in RAR format. After the download was complete, I tried to extract its files using WinRAR but I was surprised to see that it was displaying an error message “No RAR files to extract”. Even after repetitive attempts, I got the same error message. My friends who downloaded the RAR file from the same website had no such issue. Why am I getting this error again and again? Can anybody suggest me a solution to fix RAR error no files to extract?"

RAR files are used to extract single or multiple files under single file extension on your computers. WinRAR has excellent compression ratio and takes less time to compress and extract as compared to other file compression utility available today. Despite of such amazing features, it is possible that RAR files might get corrupt or damage during compression or while downloading it from unreliable websites. If you try to extract such damaged RAR file, you may encounter error messages like "WinRAR file is either unknown format or damaged", "no file to extract", "cannot extract RAR file", and other errors

The above scenario occurred because RAR files got corrupt while you were downloading it from internet. Let’s assume that the game file which was downloaded contained 5 compress RAR files in it. In order to install the application successfully, it is important that all the 5 parts get installed completely. Even if one part is missing, you won’t be able to extract and execute the whole RAR file. Such type of situation might be very distressing, but you need not be worried any more, as you can repair these type of problems using Remo RAR Repair Tool which enables you to fix common RAR error no file to extract. It can be used for repairing RAR files which are severely broken, corrupt or damaged.

How Remo Repair RAR program helps to fix errors while extracting RAR files?

Remo Repair RAR software is a read only utility, which fixes error while extracting RAR files in an effective manner. The wizard is built with advanced scanning algorithms which scans and repairs each and every part of the corrupt / damaged RAR files so as to mend no RAR files to extract error. Additionally, it is capable of repairing password protected and encrypted RAR files with utmost ease.

RAR files may get corrupted due to numerous reasons. Some of the common ones are discussed below.

Reasons responsible for RAR file corruption / damage:

  • If there is any kind of interruption while downloading RAR files then it will affect the completion process and hence you might encounter errors while extracting RAR files
  • Using unreliable third party application to extract RAR files may damage RAR archive and ultimately make them inaccessible
  • RAR files can be corrupted if it is saved in a hard drive which contains bad sectors
  • Virus infections on the storage drive where the RAR files are present also result in RAR file corruption
  • RAR file header corruption due to various reasons might cause extraction errors

Eye-catching Features of Remo Repair RAR Application:

  • It has the capability to fix RAR files of more than 4 GB of data
  • Compatible to repair RAR errors no file's for extraction and also to extract RAR file with missing parts on all the latest versions of Windows Operating system like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008
  • Simple user interface is provided for fixing RAR error no files to extract with great and accuracy
  • Free version is provided in the utility so that you can check its efficiency before the actual purchase
  • 24/7 technical support experts are available to deal with any queries related to repairing error no RAR files to extract using Remo RAR Repair Tool.

Useful Tips to avoid RAR file corruption:

  • Never use unreliable tools for extracting RAR files.
  • Install good antivirus software to get rid of malwares / adwares.
  • Backup your important RAR files in separate storage devices.



Steps for repairing RAR file showing extraction error:

Step 1: Download and install Remo Repair RAR application on your Windows system. Run the software and follow the below steps. Browse and select the error causing RAR file and click on “Repair” option to start the fixing process.

How to Fix No RAR Files to Extract - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: The wizard starts fixing the RAR file showing no files extract error and this entire procedure can be viewed through the progress bar.

Fixing RAR Error No Files to Extract - Fixing RAR File

Figure B: Fixing RAR File

Step 3:  It displays all the fixed RAR files in separate folders

RAR Error No Files to Extract  - Preview Fixed WinRAR Archive

Figure C: Preview Fixed WinRAR Archive

Step 4: Save the repaired RAR files to desired location of PC using the “Save” button.

Repair RAR Error No File to Extract - Save Repaired RAR File

Figure D: Save Repaired RAR File