Tool to Repair and Extract Zip File after Corruption

Zip is an archive which can be used to compress multiple files into a single file called .zip in order to reduce the size. It is also useful as you can send large files via emails very easily. However, similar to other file types, even Zip file may get damaged due to numerous reasons. The major cause behind Zip file corruption is, incomplete process i.e., while downloading, transferring, recovering, compressing or decompressing Zip file, if any interruption occurs, then there chances for Zip file to get corrupt.

Once, Zip file gets damaged or broken, then you won’t be able to extract the info which is compressed in it. Anyhow, the corrupt or incomplete Zip file content can be easily accessed or extracted. But, to do so, you need to use the best and highly reliable utility called Remo Repair Zip software. This repair utility is specially built with advanced algorithms that definitely helps you to repair and extract incomplete Zip file data. It also facilitates you to effectively perform corrupt Zip file repair within few simple steps. Before that, know the causes for Zip file corruption and why to opt Remo Repair Zip app.

What are the causes for Zip file corruption?

  • File Extraction Error: You need to decompress or unzip Zip file in order to view the data that is compressed in it. But while extracting Zip file, if there is no enough disk space on your system, then Zip file may get damaged leading to file extraction error. Also, sudden shutdown of system while extracting files from Zip archive can corrupt the Zip file.
  • Damaged Header: The header is an important part which contains vital info such as file location, type, date, etc. So, if Zip header file gets damaged due to some reasons, then you will not be able to extract or fetch data from it.
  • Virus Attack: Virus enters into your system through untrusted sites, infected external media, etc., and starts corrupting the files stored in it inducing Zip archives. So, if Zip file gets affected by virus, then you may fail to open or extract its content.
  • Other Reasons: Zip file may get corrupt and becomes inaccessible due more reasons such as incomplete download, transfer error, incorrect compression technique, power surge, CRC error, changing file extension, using unreliable third party app, damaged storage media, software conflicts, bad sectors and more.

The above listed scenarios are most common causes for Zip file corruption, and once if you get stuck in these kind of circumstances, then you need to make use of an app like Remo Repair Zip to know how to fix and extract incomplete Zip file in an effective and efficient way.

Why Remo Repair Zip software?

Remo Repair Zip is the most powerful and highly ranked utility to repair and extract Zip file after corruption. This advanced app has ability to fix invalid or bad Zip and Zipx files. It provides secure, easy and fast repair process to fix 32 and 64 bit Zip files. Remo Repair Zip software has ability to fix Zip file error Windows cannot complete the extraction as well as any kind of errors related to Zip archives, also repairs broken Zip files that are in incomplete state to extract its data. It has potential to fix password protected Zip files that refuses to open. This robust tool performs read only operation i.e., it does not alter original file content while repairing a corrupt Zip file. It is free from virus, also consume very disk space so, it is the best reliable utility available in the market to fix incomplete Zip file. It also allows you to repair and extract corrupt Zip file on popular Windows OS based machines such as Windows 8, Vista, XP, 7, Windows Server 2003 and 2008. It also facilitates you to fix an invalid or incomplete large Zip file stored on different storage media like hard disk drive, FireWire drive, memory stick, Pen drives, etc. This promising tool also enables you to preview repaired Zip file content before restoration.


Guidelines to repair and extract incomplete Zip file:

Step 1: Download and install Remo Repair Zip software in your Windows computer. Then, launch the software and follow the onscreen procedures. Click on “Browse” button to choose your incomplete Zip file. Now, start the repair process by clicking on "Repair" button.

Repair and Extract Incomplete Zip - Select Zip File

Figure 1: Select Zip File

Step 2: The tool scans and repairs the selected Zip file. View the repair progress in the progress bar.

How to Fix and Extract Incomplete Zip File? - Repair Process

Figure 2: Repair Process

Step 3: After the completion of file repair process, you can preview the fixed Zip file content.

Repair and Extract Zip File after Corruption - Preview Fixed Zip File

Figure 3: Preview Fixed Zip File

Step 4: At last, save the fixed Zip file to your desired destination location.

Fix Incomplete Zip File - Save Fixed File

Figure 4: Save Fixed File