How to Fix AVI Files showing File Format Error?

Overview on AVI File Format

AVI otherwise Audio Video Interleaved is a popular multimedia video container file format developed by Microsoft. It has both audio and video data in a single file that allows its simultaneous playback. It is used for storing video files mainly on internet in .avi file format, which supports a number of Operating systems like Windows, Mac, etc and can be played on a number of multimedia players like VLC Player. The main advantage of AVI file format is that, it maintains high video quality even with small size video files.

Sometimes, the AVI files in your system that may be downloaded from internet or copied from other devices becomes inaccessible and will not open in any media player due to error in file format. When you try to open such files, the player cannot recognize the file format due to the change in file extension and it will display a message like unknown file format. Here you need the help of an .avi file fixing software in order to make it playable. You can trust Remo Repair AVI software to repair AVI file format error, which is an excellent software specially designed to fix severely corrupt, damaged, inaccessible and broken .avi video files.

Reasons for AVI File Format Error:

  • AVI file format error occurs when the media player does not support the file format.
  • The error message shows when some of the media player files are missing or damaged.
  • When the codec of the AVI video file you are trying to play is missing or it is not installed in your system, the media player cannot recognize the file.
  • When the Operating System does not have audio capabilities like no audio device connected to the system, lack of audio driver, etc. then it sometimes displays error message.
  • When header file of .avi video gets corrupted due to some unknown error, then it leads to file damage.
  • Converting AVI files to other file format or reconversion of the same using untrustworthy software makes the file inaccessible.
  • Unknowingly changing the file extension while changing file name makes the .avi file corrupted and you cannot open these kinds of files in any media player.

Apart from this, the AVI files may get damaged due to so many other reasons like faulty media player, hardware crash, bad sector in hard disk, CRC error, etc.

How to Fix Damaged AVI Files using Remo Repair AVI Software?

Remo Repair AVI is the best Software to fix corrupt AVI files easily, which works with friendly user interface and mend AVI file format error easily. It works in a way that it will not modify the original file as it opens the .avi file in read only mode and provides the “Preview” of the repaired files before restoration onto your system. The software comes with a trial version that helps you to evaluate its features and you can go for the Ooriginal version if you are satisfied.

What are the Features of Remo Repair AVI Software?

  • The software is capable of repairing damaged AVI, XVID and DIVX files easily.
  • It mends the corrupt .avi files from the external devices like USB, Hard disk etc that are connected to the system
  • The software separates and repairs audio and video of AVI file, and then adjoins them for creating a playable file.
  • The files that are fixed using Remo Repair AVI can be played on all versions of Windows like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc.
  • We provide 24-hour technical assistance for this product.

Steps for repairing AVI files that shows File Format Error:

Step 1: Download Remo Repair software and install it on your personal computer. Then, Open the software and select your corrupted AVI video file by clicking 'Browse' button and then press “Repair” option to start the fixing process.

Fixing AVI Videos Showing File Format Error - Main Window

Image 1: Main Window

Step 2: You can view the repairing progress on the progress bar.

Fix AVI File Format Error - Repairing Progress

Image 2: Repairing Progress

Step 3: When the process is completed, the software gives the fixed AVI video file description and also it allows you to preview the repaired files by “Preview” option.

Repairing AVI Files that Shows File Format Error - Preview Repaired File

Figure C: Preview Repaired File

Step 4: Finally, you can save your fixed AVI file in any destination using “Save” option.

Mend AVI File Format Error - Save Repaired File

Figure D: Save Repaired File