How to Play Broken MOV File on Windows?

MOV is the most popular video file format on Windows platforms due to its compatibility. But sometimes, MOV files behave unusually and refuses to open on media players and instead pops up with an error message “This MOV file seems like broken, attempt to repair?

Once you encounter such error, it does not play your MOV video and even if it plays you may encounter errors such as only video but no audio, audio but no video, video freeze and so on. This abnormal behavior of the .mov video shows it is broken and in order to play it properly, you should download Remo Repair MOV utility equipped with user friendly interface to effectively repair broken MOV file.

Easy and secure solution to fix broken MOV file on Windows

MOV file that refuses to open or displaying any errors which is mentioned above will be repaired by using Remo Repair MOV program. It repairs broken MOV videos in few minutes that are not playing in VLC, QuickTime Media player and other digital media players. It can even fix severely damaged or corrupted .mov files with ease. It is compatible to repair broken MOV file Mac as well as fix broken MOV file Windows on all operating system.


How to play broken MOV file on Windows?

Download and install Remo Repair MOV tool on your Windows computer to repair broken MOV file Windows. To fix the issues, you have to give a healthy MOV video as a reference along with broken MOV file and follow the below steps:

Step 1: Launch Remo Repair MOV software and click on “Repair” option.

Step 2: You can watch the repair progress of broken MOV file through the progress bar.

Step 3: The software allows you to “Preview” MOV file description, once the repairing is completed.

Step 4: Select destination path of your choice and click “Save” to store the fixed MOV in your system.

Why Remo Repair MOV is the most powerful utility to repair broken MOV file on Windows?

  • To fix MOV videos, this tool separately extracts audio frames and video frames from a broken video and later adjoins them to generate a healthy MOV video.
  • Supports MOV files created by hand held digital cameras, camcorders, mobile phones, etc.
  • The software provides exceptional repair features to fix High Definition MOV videos created by HD cameras, CCTV cameras and other professional camcorders.
  • It will fix truncated and corrupt MOV video files without damaging or modifying its original contents.

Common instances due to which MOV video get broken:
  • Consider a scenario in which you suddenly exit the media player without following proper method. In such cases, when you try to open MOV video it refuses to open and display errors.
  • For sharing bulky MOV video with your friend, you try to compress the video file. During the process of compression, if any unexpected interruption occurs and the process terminated improperly then MOV file refuses to open.
  • Imagine you are watching an important MOV video on your Windows laptop and you encountered message saying low battery but you just ignored and continued watching the video file. After few minutes, your system gets shut down. When you turn on the PC then you could see that MOV file may be broken or damaged.

The MOV videos may also get broken due to other reasons like MBR corruption, file system corruption, bad sectors, etc. In all such situations, as mentioned above you just have to utilize Remo Repair MOV to fix the issues.