Fix Password Protected RAR File

Want to repair password protected RAR file but don’t know how? Don’t worry! Remo RAR Repair is your savior angel. You can use this tool and get your password protected RAR file repaired.


RAR is a file format used to compress or reduce the size of the file to improve the speed of the file transfer. When compressing a folder to RAR format, you have an option to set a password to lock the RAR archive, similarly, when you receive a locked RAR file, you should have a password to open the compressed folder to see its contents.

If you have ended up in a situation where you set a password and forgot it?! Or received a RAR file which is password protected but you don’t have the password with you. Well, whatever the be the case, you can unlock the password protected RAR files with a freeware program which helps in cracking the password for you.

Parallel Password Recovery – Open Source Tool

This is the only open source tool available that cracks the password of the RAR archive. It supports 4, 3, and 2 RAR version, but it has a drawback. You can use this tool only with Command Prompt. If you are a geek, then there shouldn’t be any problem in understanding the commands else, you’ll have a problem in breaking the password.

There are other programs that can break the password of the RAR archive but are paid ones. Whichever you choose, while cracking the password if your RAR file got corrupted and damaged and made the situation worse well, the best thing to do is not to fiddle the RAR archive further and make tings complex for yourself. Now, repair the password protected RAR file you should make use of a trustworthy repair tool – Remo Repair.


Password Protected RAR File Repair Guide with Remo Repair

Download the software on your computer, but make sure you downloaded on a different drive. Now install and follow the below mentioned instruction.

Step 1: After you run the program, click on the Browse button to select the RAR file you want to fix. Now, click on Repair to begin the process.

Browse password protected RAR file and hit Repair

Step 2: Once the repair process is complete, you can Preview the files.

Preview repaired password protected RAR file

Step 3: Finally, you can Save repaired RAR file either to a default location or to a different location.

Save repaired password protected RAR file


Feature of Remo RAR Repair

  • The software is safe to use – it fixes the password protected RAR files with ease.
  • It can repair WinRAR archive, Zip, and 7Zip with large file size.
  • The software repairs the files so effectively and efficiently - it does not alter the original content while repair process.
  • The software is compatible with Windows 10, 8,7, XP and Windows Vista.
  • It repairs password protected RAR files from different storage drives like a hard drive, pen drive, flash drive, etc.

Other Situations where Remo Repair Comes in Handy

If you have damaged or corrupted RAR archive due to the following reasons, you can use Remo RAR Repair without thinking twice:

  • Improper shutdown of your computer.
  • The transfer or download of the RAR file was complete.
  • Virus attack.
  • Hard Drive with bad sectors.
  • RAR file damaged due to a power surge.
  • RAR file corrupted to an application bug.