Repair Corrupt WinRAR File after Recovery

Are you not able to open or extract WinRAR files, as it got corrupt or damaged after recovery? Free download the trial version of Remo Repair RAR utility, which is an easy-to-use and 100% safe to repair RAR file after recovery, prefer to try and preview the file before you purchase!

Repair RAR File after Recovery

Can’t extract files from RAR archive after recovery? Did this just happen to you?

At times while trying to extract / open a WinRAR file which has been recovered after deletion or formatting, you may get an error message asking you to repair the archive. You may come across such error messages when the .rar archive is corrupted. There are many reasons that may cause RAR file corruption which makes all the files and data stored in it inaccessible. Whenever, you come across such situations, where your WinRAR file gets corrupt after recovery, this indicates that you require a proficient RAR file repair tool to open corrupted RAR files present in the WinRAR archive.

Remo Repair RAR- An easy way to fix corrupt WinRAR file after recovery

Remo Repair RAR program make use of advanced repair algorithms for repairing corrupt WinRAR files without any damage to the original file. RAR files having CRC error, password protected .rar archives and large size RAR archives containing any type of files will be repaired with utmost ease. Moreover, it also facilitates preview option to view the files/folders present in the repaired WinRAR archive.

To repair RAR file after recovery, follow these steps:

Click Download button to get Remo Repair RAR demo edition that comes with user friendly GUI that assist even amateur user in repairing corrupted or damaged WinRAR files with ease. Install the software and follow the detailed guide explained below:


Step 1: Launch Remo Repair RAR and select the corrupt WinRAR file using “Browse” option, then click on “Repair” button.

Browse corrupted WinRAR file and hit Repair

Step 2: Tool automatically starts scanning the selected RAR archive to analyze and fix the issues which you see by looking at the progress bar.

View repairing progress

Step 3: After WinRAR file repair process, you can “Preview” the repaired RAR archive with all files/folders present in it.

Preview repaired RAR file

Step 4: Choose the storage path of your choice by clicking “Browse” option, then click on “Save” button in order to save the repaired WinRAR file.

Save repaired RAR file


What are the advantages of using Remo Repair RAR software?

  • Free trial version: Provides free trial version of Remo Repair RAR program to view the repaired file and evaluate the capability of the software.
  • Safe to use: Tool is non-destructive and works in read-only mode, which ensures that the source file contents is intact. Further, the software is completely free from deadly viruses and malware programs that may harm your system.
  • Technical support: Free professional technical support team is available for 24x7 hours to guide users whenever they need any help.

Some known scenarios where WinRAR file gets corrupted after recovery

Case 1: Consider a situation, where you are clearing out some of the unwanted files on your hard disk. But, you accidentally deleted your compressed folder containing your financial data which were saved in RAR file format. Somehow, you managed to recover those compressed RAR files using a recovery tools. But, none of them are opening and instead showing error messages. In such case, you need RAR file repair tool to overcome such issues.

Case 2: Assume that you had huge files stored in WinRAR file format on your hard drive and you accidentally deleted a compressed file. After using recovery software, if the archive is recovered incomplete as the .rar archive was fragmented in the file system, then again you cannot open and the files will be in a corrupt state. Hence, you need to fix such WinRAR files before extracting them.

Apart from the above mentioned scenarios, there could be many other reasons which cause the RAR file corruption. Beside any type of damage to the RAR file, you can easily fix the WinRAR archive safely using Remo Repair RAR tool.