How to Repair Spanned Zip files?

Spanned Zip file repair process is completely automated, reliable and fast by using Remo Repair ZIP software, which works efficiently in fixing .zip files that are corrupt or broken due to known or unknown reasons.


Spanned Zip file repair overview

Spanning of Zip files refers to dividing of a single large Zip file into different units. Spanned Zip files are identical to split Zip files. The difference is only in their file names; like the split Zip files will have filename.z01, filename.z02, etc. whereas the spanned Zip will have similar name for all splits such as

Therefore, for mobility purpose spanning the zipped files is necessary but, they are ultimately few drawbacks too. In case, if any of the spanned file is corrupted or become inaccessible for any reasons, then repair spanned Zip files using a trustworthy utility called Remo Repair ZIP. The software is available in free trial version so that you can try.

Safely repair spanned zip files using Remo Repair ZIP tool

Remo Repair ZIP program has a potential to fix severely corrupted or damaged spanned Zip files on Windows computer. The software is designed with advanced and strong algorithms that successfully repairs any sort of corruptions with your spanned Zip archives of both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions. By using this utility, you will get to know how to repair split Zip file having various types like ZIP and ZIPX file formats.

On the other hand, Remo Repair ZIP securely fix and extract highly encrypted and password protected Zip archives. The ZIP file repair tool from Remo, assist you in fixing corrupt spanned Zip files that are stored in different storage devices such as hard drive, USB drive, FireWire, pen drive and more. Furthermore, with its user friendly interface, every individual without any technical skills will operate this application and repair spanned Zip files without any difficulty.


How to repair spanned Zip files with Remo Repair ZIP software

Download Remo Repair ZIP application to Windows desktop / laptop by clicking on green Download Now button. Launch the software and follow on-screen instructions to repair spanned Zip files that are corrupted or broken.

Step 1: Click on “Browse” button to select your damaged or corrupt spanned Zip archive which is to be repaired and click “Repair

Browse spanned Zip file and click on Repair

Step 2: The software automatically starts fixing corrupted spanned Zip file which you can see through the progress bar

Monitor the status of spanned Zip file repair process

Step 3: After completion of file repair process, the tool shows all files and folders from spanned Zip file, click on “Preview” button to see the repaired Zip file contents

Use Preview to view the repaired Zip file

Step 4: Use “Save” icon to save extracted files from spanned Zip file to any host accessible location on your computer. It allows you to save fixed spanned Zip archive to external devices like CD, pen drives, DVD, etc.

Click Save to save the repaired Zip file


Most possible reasons behind spanned Zip files getting corrupted

Most of the time, the downloaded file from internet are compressed in spanned Zip file format and if any interruption occurs while downloading this spanned zipped file, it result in file inaccessibility. There are several other reasons for corruption of spanned .zip files such as:

  • Harmful virus, spyware, malware or Trojan horse infection on spanned Zip files
  • Using incompatible applications to extract files and folders from spanned Zip archive
  • Insufficient memory space on Windows hard disk while unzipping spanned Zip files on your computer
  • Spanned Zip files may get corrupt because of CRC error that occur usually due to misplaces of parity bits
  • Abrupt termination of system or network issues while transferring or moving spanned Zip files

In order to unzip and extract files from corrupt or inaccessible compressed files, you must fix that spanned Zip file by using Remo Repair ZIP. It is one of the most recommended software for fixing unreadable spanned Zip archives within minutes.