How to Repair a Word Document that Won't Open

An advanced Word file repair utility from Remo is available in free demo version. It will assist you on how to repair a corrupted Word file that refuses to open and shows error messages in just few clicks.


Word document is like a container which can store all types of data such as texts, images, etc. and the Word files are saved in DOC / DOCX file extension. Sometimes, when you try to open Word file, it won’t open but instead, it displays unknown error messages, strange characters or the Word document itself stops responding. This is because the Word doc is corrupted due to some reasons. However, you can easily fix Word file that won’t open at all by using Remo Repair Word tool.

Few common situations where Word document won’t open

There are several causes behind Word document inaccessibility and one of the common reason is file corruption which makes the Word file inaccessible. Few common factors which are responsible for Word file corruption are:

  • If a Word document gets infected by virus, malware or any external threats, then they are chances of document getting corrupted.
  • When header of Word file is damaged due to any unknown reason it leads to file inaccessibility.
  • Presence of bad sectors on Windows drive or storage drive corruption where DOC / DOCX files are stored can make them unreadable.
  • Word documents may not open due to incomplete download/ transfer of Word file, CRC error, application malfunction, inaccessibility and so on.

Apart from above mentioned scenarios, there could even be many other reasons for corrupting Office document. By using Remo Repair Word, you definitely come to know how to repair and open a Word file under various situations.


How to open Word document that won't open with Remo Repair Word

Download the free demo version of Remo Repair Word tool and install it in your Windows desktop or laptop. Easily repair Word file that won’t open within few simple steps as mentioned here:

Step 1: Launch Remo Repair Word and select DOC / DOCX file that won’t open by using “Browse” option. Now, click on “Repair” button to repair Word file that won’t open on Windows system

Browse Word file not opening and click Repair button

Step 2: The software automatically start fixing the Word document that is not opening which you can see through the progress bar.

View status of repairing your Word file

Step 3: After repair, if you get “File repaired Successfully” message on your screen, then click “Preview” button to view repaired Word document

Preview repaired Word file

Step 4: Click on “Browse” to select the storage location where you want to save your repaired Word document, then hit on “Save

Select the desired destination path by using Browse option and click Save to store repaired Word file


More benefits of using Remo Repair Word software:

  • Tool is completely free from all kinds of virus attack and hence it is safer to repair Word document that won't open.
  • It is designed with user friendly interface so that an individual with less technical knowledge will understand and fix Word files that refuses to open in just few clicks.
  • Ability to repair corrupt, broken or inaccessible Word documents of DOC and DOCX file type effectively.
  • Supports repairing of Word documents that are stored on various external devices such as memory cards, USB drives, portable hard drive, FireWire drive when it is connected to the computer.
  • Easily fix Word document having huge file size and also recovers all inserted Word file items including text, hyperlinks, clipart, OLE objects and so on.
  • Safest Word file repair tool that only extract the content from the file and will never damage the original Word file as it works in read-only mode.

Preventive measures which can avoid Word file corruption

  • Do not open Word document in incompatible applications
  • Make use of powerful anti-virus program to evade harmful viruses from your computer
  • Always close the Word file opened before closing the Microsoft Word
  • Avoid frequently changing the file extension of Word documents