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Why I Cannot Import Video to Windows Movie Maker

Every time you try to import AVI video file to Windows Movie Maker (WMM), it stops working? Your WMM even can’t recognize your AVI files? You're not alone. Many people using Windows Movie Maker can’t figure out why there aren’t able to import / edit video files. The main reasons is some .avi formatted codecs are not installed in Windows Movie Maker (WMM).

Types of files supported by WMM:

You can import video files with the following name extensions into WMM (Windows Movie Maker):


As you can see AVI is one of the file extension used by Windows Movie Maker. But, there are differences in the codec requirements for particular AVI file format. However, unfortunately even after downloading necessary codecs, you cannot import AVI videos to WMM.

Windows Movie Maker not importing video- Quick Fix

If Windows Movie Maker is not importing AVI, then it is recommended to use Remo Repair AVI tool. It is an excellent application to fix corrupted or damaged video files that refuse to open / play on WMM or any other multimedia players. REMO AVI Repair tool also fixes slow choppy streaming video files that is AVI, DIVX, or XVID files which are corrupted severely due to any valid or invalid reasons.

Safety measures:

  • Always make sure that the computer is installed with proper codecs to edit / play AVI videos
  • Backup precious AVI video files before editing it using WMM or other application