Corrupt Digital Video Repair Software

“Is your digital AVI video file got corrupted or are you unable to open or play it on your Mac computer? If so, then do not worry as it is possible to easily fix corrupt digital video file using a highly reliable and specially designed utility called Remo Repair AVI software. To get detailed info about this repair process, just proceed reading this short informative page…..”

A video file gets corrupted or damaged due to numerous reasons. For example, if any codecs are missing which are required to play a video without any interruptions or issues, then there is a possibility for the video to get corrupt and become unplayable. If this thing has happened with your most valuable video, also you are not having an extra copy of the same, then it will be the most annoying condition. However, now there is no need to get exasperated as by using the above mentioned utility i.e., Remo Repair AVI tool, you can effortlessly repair damaged digital videos within a short span of time. Using this highly ranked application, you can even repair bad or invalid video files stored on different storage devices like hard disks, USB flash drives, FireWire drives, memory sticks, Pen drives, etc.

Causes for digital video file corruption

Other than codec issues, there are many more reasons due to which, digital video gets corrupted and becomes unresponsive and few common scenarios behind it are listed below:

  • While playing a digital video on Mac computer, if the media player gets abruptly terminated due to sudden power failure, system shutdown or some other reasons, then there exist a chance for the video to get damaged and become unplayable.
  • When video file is being processed or transferred from your Mac computer to other storage media, if any interruption occurs like abrupt removal of external device, power fluctuations, etc., then the transferred video may get corrupt and media players may refuse to open it.
  • Also, while downloading video files on Mac computer, if there is no proper net connection or the download process gets interrupted due to some reasons, then the downloaded video might be damaged and show error messages when you try to play it on your system.
  • The video files stored on Mac computers may also get affected by deadly or harmful viruses, and once the video file gets infected by virus, then its file structure might get corrupted, and as a result, video becomes unplayable on VLC or other stored or available media players.
  • Use of unreliable or untrustworthy application for compressing video file or to convert video format from existing one to another may severely corrupt the video file due to which, you may face various issues or errors when you try to open it.

The digital video file may also get damaged due to other reasons like video header corruption, bad sectors, unsupported media player, file system corruption, damaged storage media, error while changing video format, improper upgradation, software conflicts and more. Anyhow, these video corruption causes can be avoided by following few safety measures;

  • Use trustworthy anti-virus app to scan your Mac drive on regular time interval in order to avoid virus attack
  • Avoid abrupt termination of media player when video is being played
  • Don’t try to modify or change video format using untrusted third party apps
  • Use UPS to avoid power related interruption while transferring, playing and downloading video files

Even after taking these preventive measures, if you fail to avoid video corruption, then make use of the best corrupt digital video repair software called as Remo Repair AVI.

Why Remo Repair AVI software?

Remo Repair AVI is powerful tool which is built with advanced algorithms that helps you to fix corrupt digital video file within few simple clicks. It has easy to use interface using which, both non-technical and technical users can know how to fix damaged digital video files in an efficient manner. For fixing corrupted digital video files, it provides simple, fast and safe repair process. Make use of Remo Repair AVI program to sync audio and video files that do not play because of audio video out of sync error on Mac OS X. It can also repair bad or broken video files on different versions of Mac operating system such as Mac 10.5, Mavericks, Leopard, Mountain Lion, Yosemite, Lion, Snow leopard, etc. It helps you in repairing damaged digital video files of different formats like AVI, XVID and DivX. It also supports video files created on different branded cameras like Samsung, Kodak, Panasonic, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Canon, Olympus, etc. This promising utility facilitates you to preview the fixed video file prior to restoration.


Guidelines to fix corrupted digital video files on Mac:

Step 1: Download Remo Repair AVI application and install it on your Mac computer. Run the application and follow the main screen steps. Choose the damaged video file which is to be fixed. Click on “Repair” button to start the repair process.

Fix Corrupt Digital Video File - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Monitor the repair progress by looking at the progress bar. After repair completion, the software displays your video file description. Preview the fixed video file using “Preview repaired file” button.

How to Fix Damaged Digital Video Files? - Preview Repaired File

Figure 2: Preview Repaired File

Step 3: Finally, save your fixed video file by clicking on “Save repaired file” option.

Corrupt Digital Video Repair - Save Repaired File

Figure 3: Save Repaired File