XVID not playing on Mac

XVID Won't Play on Mac

"Hi everyone!!! I had created a video related to my final year project and everything was working fine in my Mac system. I had transferred it my external storage device to get approved from my guide. Unfortunately, when I tried to open in college XVID file was unable to open. Since, I had less time to collect necessary information and to again prepare. Is there any efficient repairing tool to fix XVID files on Mac?"

In this present competitive world, for every problem there will be solution. To overcome the above problem, here is an ideal repairing utility called Remo Repair AVI with advanced scanning algorithms. XVID files are most frequently utilized video format to store video files. This format provides high resolution video quality within smaller size.

Some of the scenarios that are responsible for corruption of XVID files on Mac system:

  • Malware Infections - The main reason behind XVID not playing on Mac is virus attack. These viruses infect XVID files while downloading them from unknown website or when it is transferred to infected devices
  • Incompatible Player -  When XVID files are played on incompatible multimedia players results in corruption and then cannot play XVID on Mac
  • Download Process Error - If there are any interruptions like power surge, low network, abrupt system shut down during download process due to which it is unable to play XVID on Mac
  • Inaccurate Transfer Process - While transferring XVID files from Mac systems to other systems, if there occurs any disturbance in between the process leads to corruption of XVID files

Apart from all the above mentioned scenarios, there are other numerous reasons like unreliable third party utilities, CRC error, header corruption, low network connectivity and many more. In order to beat such types of issues either user should have a back nor utilize best repairing utility. Here is one such software called Remo Repair AVI to fix XVID won't play on Mac. This tool is highly recommended by industrial experts because of its user friendly features and operations. Additionally, it even explains how to fix bad frame report in DivX on Mac within few simple steps.

Why Remo Repair AVI?

  • Remo Repair AVI is designed with powerful scanning algorithms to fix corrupt, damage, broken, partial download XVID files effortlessly
  • It is non damaging read only software which will not modify any vital information during scanning process rather creates new document
  • This software is capable of repairing XVID files present on USB drives, flash drives, pen drives and so on
  • 24*7 technical assistance will be provided to resolve any problems that arises during installation process, repairing process etc.
  • Prior purchasing software users can check the efficiency utilizing Demo version which is cost free

Advantageous tips to remember:

  • Make a habit to keep a duplicate of XVID files in any virus free storage drive or in external storage devices like USB drive, flash drive, pen drive etc.
  • To scan your Mac system regularly, install authorized antivirus software to avoid harmful malware infections
  • Avoid interruptions like power failure, abrupt system shut down, low network connection and so on during exchanging or download process
  • Do not play XVID files in incompatible multimedia players to  prevent corruption



Step by step procedure to fix XVID Won't Play on Mac:

Step 1: Download Remo Repair and install the same to your Mac laptop or desktop. Launch the installed application and follow the on screen steps. Choose your corrupt XVID file, which is to be repaired. After selection, click on “Repair” button to start the repair process, the repair progress can be estimated by viewing the progress bar.

XVID Won't Play on Mac  - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: After the repair completion, the program displays your XVID video file description. Preview the repaired XVID video file by using “Preview” option.

XVID not playing on Mac- Preview Repaired File

Figure B: Preview Repaired File

Step 3: At last, save your fixed XVID file to your desired destination location.

Unable to play XVID on Mac - Save Repaired File

Figure C: Save Repaired File