How to Fix GoPro MP4 Files that are Unplayable?

“Last week I went for trekking, at that time I used my new GoPro camera for recording some of the most adventurous moments. After reaching home, I copied everything to my computer. But, now I cannot access those video's due to some problem. It is showing some error message when I am trying to play it. Anyone can help me to find out a solution to repair GoPro MP4 ? I don’t want to miss those videos. Any suggestion to fix MP4 video errors, please write me.”

Let us evaluate the scenario, what happened here was the MP4 video files became corrupted. The reason behind this corruption might be any error caused at the system side or at the camcorder itself. Don’t be panic, you can fix those errors with Remo Repair MOV application easily. But, before going for GoPro video file repair process, we can discuss some scenarios in which GoPro video files get corrupted.

  • Malware Infection: At times, the GoPro video files can get corrupt due to the attack of viruses that enters into the system from infected devices or internet. These viruses self replicate themselves to spread across all the files on the system and as a result, the MP4 files become unplayable.
  • Incomplete File Transfer: While transferring MP4 video files from GoPro camera to Windows system, if sudden power fluctuation occurs or the camera gets disconnected from the system, then there is a possibility that MP4 video footage may get corrupted.
  • Media player software crash: The GoPro MP4 video file will get damaged easily when the media player application crashes while playing the video due to some error, which in turn breaks the GoPro video file.
  • Corrupt Storage Medium: If the storage medium like hard drive in Windows system where the GoPro file is stored becomes corrupted due to some bad sectors, hardware conflicts, etc. then it may leads to inaccessibility of GoPro file.
  • Unsupported Media Player: When the GoPro files are played on unsupported media players, then it will become broken due to the codec issues or audio-video synchronization problem.
  • Other Reasons: Header file corruption, faulty camcorder firmware, recording video without having enough memory or charge on camcorder, and so on are the other scenarios for GoPro video file corruption on Windows system due to which it becomes unplayable.
  • When these GoPro video files get corrupted and becomes unplayable on Windows Operating system, you can use Remo Repair MOV application, which is one of the most trustworthy software available in market that is recommended by industrial experts for GoPro Mp4 repair. Free demo version of this software is available with all the features for repairing MOV files. By using this demo version, you can check the efficiency of the tool before going for the actual purchase as it repairs GoPro's MP4 video and allows you to preview repaired .mp4 video.

    How Remo Repair MOV Software works to repair GoPro MP4 video?

    Remo Repair MOV application can mend any severely corrupted, broken, damaged or inaccessible MP4 as well as MOV files irrespective of its size with its deep scanning algorithm in an easy and accurate way. It can be used for fixing corrupt MP4 video file due to any error occurred at GoPro camcorder firmware or storage device without modifying the original video. The software comes with a friendly user interface that gives directions to the users and helps them to use the software for repairing GoPro MP4 video without much difficulty. It repairs the audio and video frames of GoPro MP4 file separately and then adjoin them to make a playable format. It supports MP4 files captured using devices such as smart phones, camcorders, cameras, etc. The tool gives the preview of the repaired GoPro video files before restoration and you can play fixed videos in any player on Windows Operating system.

    Tips and tricks to avoid GoPro MP4 video corruption:

    • Open the GoPro's video files in those players, which supports MP4 file format.
    • Capture video only when the camera is having enough storage space and battery charge.
    • Do not turn off the GoPro camera while recording video.
    • Do not remove memory card while recording process.


    Procedure for repairing GoPro MP4 videos:

    Step 1: Download Remo Repair MOV application and do the installation on your Windows system. Now, open the software and select your unplayable GoPro video that needs to be repaired by clicking on “Browse” button. After selection, click “Repair” option to start the process of fixing problems on GoPro Video's.

    GoPro MP4 Repair - Main Screen

    Image 1: Main Screen

    Step 2: You can monitor the fixing process progress with the progress bar.

    Fix GoPro MP4 File - Repairing Progress

    Image 2: Repairing Progress

    Step 3: On completion of the task, the tool displays video file description and provides an option to preview repaired GoPro video before saving it.

    How to Mend GoPro MP4 Video - Preview Repaired GoPro File

    Figure C: Preview Repaired GoPro File

    Step 4: Finally, you can save the repaired GoPro video file to your desired storage location.

    Repair MP4 File on GoPro Camera - Save Repaired GoPro Video

    Figure D: Save Repaired GoPro Video