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Updated on January 29, 2020

Remo Repair MOV tool offers a free and easy MP4 video file repair, capable of fixing corrupted, damaged or unplayable MP4 videos and rendering them playable in just a few clicks on all Windows and Mac OS.


MP4 Repair Software Free Download

MP4 video format is known for delivering high definition (HD) videos and supported by many devices. Unfortunately, just like other video files, MP4 video file also gets corrupt due to various reasons. And, corrupt MP4 videos will never play in synchronization or at times refuses to play in any supported media player.

But, no worries! You have already got a free MP4 video repair tool installed on your computer! Surprised? Well, we all are familiar with VLC, a free media player available for Windows as well as Mac OS X. But, many of you might not be aware of the fact that VLC can repair your corrupt or damaged MP4 files.

So, here is how to repair corrupt MP4 files with a free MP4 repair software- VLC:

Method 1: Change MP4 File to AVI and Repair with VLC

  • Create a photocopy of your MP4 file and change the replicated MP4 to AVI (change its file extension to .avi)
  • Launch VLC, select Preferences, expand Input/Codecs and click on Save button
  • Select Always Fix from the drop-down menu of Damaged or incomplete AVI file
  • Now open your corrupt AVI file (changed MP4 file)

Method 2: Directly Repair MP4 Videos Using VLC

  • Open VLC Player, click on Media, and select Convert or Save option
  • Select the MP4 file using the add input files or streams button and click on Convert or Save button
  • In Convert window, provide a name for the file. Under the Settings section, select input codec from the Profile drop-down menu
  • If you wish, you can add a new profile, delete existing profile or edit a specified profile by clicking on Edit Selected Profile button, located next to Profile drop-down list
  • At last, click on the Start button

If none of the above-mentioned methods help you in repairing corrupt or damaged MP4 files, you can try free MP4 repair tool like Remo Repair MOV.

Free MP4 Repair Software - Remo Repair MOV:

Don’t be confused by seeing the name. Even though the name tells, it is a MOV video repair tool, you can effectively fix corrupt or damaged MP4 and M4V files using the software along with MOV video. The tool allows you to fix corrupt or unplayable MP4 file in just a few clicks. No matter you are a beginner or professional, you can easily use this application to make your unplayable MP4 video operational. Moreover, this is a recommended software to fix HD videos and make them playable again.

This free MP4 video repair software is capable of dealing with all kinds of MP4, MOV and M4V corruption issues such as broken file header, video and audio synchronization issue, compression issues, playback issue etc. It can effectively repair corrupt MOV, MP4 or M4V files that are not playing on QuickTime player and also the video that shows error during playback.

This free MP4 repair software can fix corrupted or damaged video files on all latest versions of Windows and Mac operating systems. And, MP4/MOV/M4V recorded video clips on any brand of digital camera like Canon, Olympus, Nikon, Kodak, etc. can be fixed with this free MP4 file repair tool securely and easily.

So, grab this MP4 file repair software free download and perform damaged MP4 video repair in just 3 simple steps.


Steps to Fix Corrupt MP4 Videos with Remo Repair:

Step 1: Launch Remo Repair MOV tool, click on Corrupted File button and select the MP4 video that you want to fix. Next, use the Healthy File option and select a healthy video for reference. When done, click the Repair button.

Select MP4 and reference file to repair

Step 2: After MP4 video file repair process gets completed, play and verify the repaired .mp4 video using Preview option.

Preview repaired file

Step 3: Provide the destination path and click on Save button to save the fixed MP4 video.

Save repaired file

Note: Both healthy and corrupted files should be created using the same device (camera/camcorder).


Common Reasons That May Lead to MP4 File Corruption or Damage:

  • Damage to the video header make the MP4 file unreadable as the header part contains important information of the file
  • Virus infection on the storage devices like memory cards, SD cards, etc. where MP4 files are stored could corrupt the video
  • Playing MP4 files on unsupported media players can also damage MP4 video files
  • Interruptions like removing storage drive abruptly during MP4 video transfer process, closing the player during video playback etc. also corrupts the file

In all these instances, the easy and safe solution to fix corrupt MP4, MOV or M4V video file formats is by using Remo Repair MOV- a free MP4 file repair tool. But, it is suggested to be careful about your important MP4 video files. Because it is better to safeguard your files before they get affect rather than to fix corruption/damage later.