Software to Repair Invalid MOV File

Watching movies is a favorite pass time for most of us, but the common problem faced by majority of them is corruption. Corruption on MOV video file makes it completely unplayable and you might comes across several error messages that may be known or unknown to you. One common error that MOV users generally encounter is “MOV File Format is Invalid”. On facing invalid file format error, you would lose your favorite MOV videos. What's next? Worrying on what needs to be done on encountering MOV file invalid format? Now, don't have to be!! Invalid MOV File Format error can be resolved by fixing it using efficient video repair tools. Among several repairing applications, Remo Repair MOV Windows is the most proficient software, which can easily fix invalid MOV file on Windows computer after it gets corrupt, damaged or broken. Remo Repair MOV Utility is highly effective in fixing invalid file format errors on MOV video files without any loss in video or audio quality.

MOV Videos encounters invalid file format error because of corruption or damage made to the .mov movies. There are various reasons because of which your MOV video gets corrupted and makes you face invalid MOV file error. Take a look on some of the causes mentioned below,

  • Frequently converting MOV video from one format to another to make it compatible with different media players.
  • Abrupt termination of media players while playing movies.
  • Saving MOV videos on camera storage card with storage memory full.
  • Intrusion of viruses on the hard drive where your precious MOV videos are stored.
  • Formation of bad sectors on hard disk having MOV and other important media files saved in it.
  • Interruption while transferring videos of MOV or MP4 format due to sudden power outage.

Not only these, you could find many reasons for corruption and occurrence of Invalid file format error, but you can easily repair invalid MOV file by using our ultimate Remo Repair MOV Tool. MOV Repair Software by Remo is expert recommended and highly suggested by customers due to its excellence performance in repairing invalid MOV video in few simple steps. Remo Repair MOV Windows utility repairs audio and video streams of an invalid MOV file simultaneously and adjoins them to form a playable MOV video. The software performs excel to fix damaged QuickTime file of .mov and .mp4 video formats easily and quickly. Remo MOV Repair Windows software repairs invalid MOV video file and recovers all its data such as text, audio, video, pictures, sub titles, etc.

Effective Features of Remo Repair MOV Tool:

  • Fixes invalid file format error on both digital video files such as MOV and MP4 effectively.
  • Supports in fixing invalid MOV file of large file size and also that are highly encrypted with strong passwords.
  • Knows how to repair invalid MOV on Windows computer running with different OS versions such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, Win Server 2003 and Server 2008.
  • Allows you to preview repaired MOV video after fixing invalid .mov file format error with audio playback.
  • Simple GUI which helps even for a non technical user to repair invalid MOV video file as well as fix broken MOV file Windows using Remo Repair MOV Windows program more efficiently.
  • Repaired MOV videos can be played on various media players such as QT, Roxio Toast, Roxio Popcorn and Adobe Flash.


Steps on how to repair invalid MOV with Remo Repair MOV Windows:

Step 1: Download Remo Repair MOV tool and install it on Windows computer. Open the installed application and select invalid MOV video's that needs to be fixed by clicking “Browse” button. On selection, click “Repair” button to start with invalid MOV repair process.

Repair Invalid MOV File - Main Window

Image 1: Main Window

Step 2: From the progress window, you can monitor the progress of fixing invalid MOV file.

Repairing Invalid MOV Video - Repairing Progress

Image 2: Repairing Progress

Step 3: Once the damaged MOV file showing invalid format error is over, the tool will display MOV video file description which you can preview before saving.

Mend Nikon MOV File - Preview Repaired File

Figure C: Preview Repaired File

Step 4: Finally, on satisfication you can save the repaired MOV file to your desired destination location

How to Repair Invalid MOV Video - Save Repaired Video

Figure D: Save Repaired Video