How to Edit and Trim Videos in Windows 10 Photo App?


We all know that Microsoft has stopped adding the inbuilt Movie Maker app in recent Windows editions. Thus, most of the users who are running the latest operating systems think Windows is not equipped to edit their short video clips and go for a third party video editor tool to edit them.

Luckily, your new Windows 10 operating system has got an inbuilt tool to trim or split your video files. But, many of us are not aware of the inbuilt mechanism since it is not a direct way or the tool named as a video editor/something alike.

Photos app a built-in image viewer application provided in all editions of Windows 10 helps in editing or trimming your video clips without installing any additional software/plugin. So, follow this simple step-by-step guide that explains how to trim a video in the Windows 10 Photos app in an easy way.

How to Trim a Video in Windows 10 Photos App?

Step 1: Select the video which you want to trim using Photos App, right-click select Open with and click Photos.


Step 2: Once the video started playing in Photos app, click the Edit & Create button (or Get creative with this video) located at the top-right corner and select Trim option from the drop-down menu.


Step 3: Now, two new sliders will appear on the video playback timer. Adjust those sliders to select the required part of the video (or to remove the unnecessary parts from it).


When you are done with the trimming process, click on the Save as/Save a copy button (present at top-right corner).

That’s it. As soon as you hit the Save as/Save a copy button, the selected portion (trimmed part) of the video will get saved as a separate file (with a name included Trim at the end) in the same location where your original video is located.

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How to Split a Video in Windows 10 Photos App?

If you want to split a large video file into multiple small video clips, then

  • Open the video file in Windows Photos app, trim it once and save the file
  • Open the original video again and trim it once

Keep doing this repeatedly until you split the large video file completely into a number of small clips.

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