How to Easily Export and Import Outlook Mailbox?


Outlook Mailbox holds your received emails (Inbox), Sent Items, deleted items, Draft, Archive, Junk, Spam, RSS Feeds, Contacts, Calendar, and other attributes from your email folder.

So, when you are migrating to the new computer, upgrading to a latest Windows operating system or Microsoft Outlook version then, you need to move your Mailbox along with the rest of data. But, moving Outlook Mailbox is not easy as copying regular files.

Instructions to Export and Import Outlook Mailbox on Windows:

Therefore, here is a descriptive editorial to explain exporting and importing Mailbox contents in Outlook on Windows computer:

Step 1: Export-Mailbox Items to a PST File

Open Outlook, select File menu from the top pane and click Open & Export option. Next, choose Import/Export.


In older Outlook versions, select File menu, then Options. Next select Advanced to reach Export/Import window.

In the Import and Export Wizard, click Export to a file option, and go Next.


Specify Outlook Data File (.pst) as the file to be exported, and hit Next.


In Export Outlook Data File window, select folders to export, enable Include subfolders option and go Next.


Provide a name for the file to be exported in Save exported file as field and hit Finish. (By default this file is saved in the Documents -> Outlook Files)


Type in your password, click OK. (Remember password to access Personal Folders File later).

Go to the location where you opted to save the exported PST file and verify that the file is created.

Step 2: Import-Mailbox Items from the Exported PST File as Separate Folder

1. Import-Mailbox Items from the Exported PST File as Separate Folder

In Outlook, go to File menu, select Open & Export then, Open Outlook Data File option.


In older Outlook versions, select File -> Account Settings and Account Settings… from the drop-down list. Next, switch to Data Files tab, and click on the Add button.

Browse and select the exported PST file. Click Open or OK.

The exported data file (.pst) items will be placed in Outlook left navigation pane after your default Mailbox items.

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2. Import-Mailbox Items into your Existing Mail Folder

Open Outlook, select File menu from the top pane and click Open & Export option. Choose Import/Export.

Next, opt to Import from another program or file, and hit Next.


Next select Outlook Data File (.pst) under Select file type to import from:


Browse and select the exported PST as File to import. Check Allow duplicates to be created option and click Next to continue.


Select the main folder which you want to import, check the checkbox Include subfolders and specify Import items into the same folder in. Hit Finish.

Outlook now imports all your emails, appointments, tasks, etc. from the exported PST file into your current Outlook profile.

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