5 Solutions to Resolve MS Outlook Error 0x80040115

Have you encountered a situation where you type an email in Outlook and hit Send, but the email doesn’t get delivered? Instead, you get thrown an error

‘Error 0x80040115: We can’t complete this because we can’t contact the server right now. Please try later’.

And you try again later only to get the same message again. What to do in such situations? What are the reasons for this Outlook error? Answers to all of these questions along with solutions to resolve the error are covered in this article. Read on to find out more.

Reasons for the MS Outlook error ‘0x8004015’

The main causes of the Outlook error ‘0x8004015’ are

  • Corrupt installation of MS Outlook
  • Damage caused due to virus/malware
  • The large size of the PST file
  • Mail server issues
  • Internet connectivity issues
  • PST file corruption

Steps to resolve the error ‘0x8004015’

Solution 1: Encrypt data between Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange

  • In the Search bar in the Start menu, type Control Panel and open it
  • Then select Mail > Show Profiles and choose your profile


  • Then click Properties > Email accounts


  • Choose your email account and click Change


  • In the window that opens, click More Settings > Security


  • Select the checkbox corresponding to ‘Encrypt data between Microsoft Office Outlook and Microsoft Exchange’ and save changes

Solution 2: Disable anti-virus

If you are unable to send emails and receiving an error ‘0x80040115’ in Outlook, it could also be due to anti-virus in your system. In order to solve this problem, disable your anti-virus temporarily and try to send the emails. If you are able to send them, then it is an anti-virus related issue.

Solution 3: Clear DNS cache

In certain situations, clearing DNS cache or flush DNS as it commonly called is known to resolve issues with sending emails. Here are instructions to flush DNS in your system.

  1. On the Search bar in the Start menu, type Command Prompt
  2. Right click on the Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator
  3. When the command prompt opens, type the following command

‘ipconfig /flushdns’


Once the command runs, check if the error is resolved and you are able to send emails in Outlook.

Solution 4: Repair Outlook

The error ‘0x80040115’ could also be due to a corrupt Outlook installation. In that case, the issue can be resolved by repairing the Outlook installation using the built-in repair utility. To use this feature, follow the steps below.

  1. Click Windows + X on your keyboard and select Apps & Features from the menu that opens
  2. Find Microsoft Outlook/Microsoft Office and click on it
  3. Then click Modify > Quick Repair
  4. If Quick Repair doesn’t help you, select Online Repair for a more intensive repair process

Solution 5: Use Remo Repair PST

Corruption in the Outlook data file called PST can lead to errors such as ‘0x80040115’. In order to solve this problem, Remo Repair PST can be used. This tool repairs Outlook data file (PST) irrespective of the reason of corruption and severity of corruption. Once the file is repaired, all of your Outlook data can be accessed and you should be able to send emails without any problem. This software can not only be used to repair corrupt PSTs but can also be used to repair damaged PST files and inaccessible PST’s.

We hope that this blog post helped you and that you were able to solve the error ‘0x80040115’ using one of the methods provided.

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