Fix ‘QuickTime.msi is Missing’ Error

QuickTime missing Msi error is a common Windows error. It usually pops up when any software has failed. There are, in fact, many reasons as to why this error might pop up, including having an application installed improperly, malware or virus infection, when Windows cannot load QuickTime.msi file properly, and so on. Under all such situations, you get this error message.

QuickTime MSI error messages can appear during program installation, during Windows shutdown or startup, during installation of Windows OS, while QuickTime.msi related software is running, and so on. If you keep track of when and where the error occurs, then it would be useful in troubleshooting the problem.

Symptoms of Missing QuickTime Msi –

  • Computer doesn’t work normally
  • Programs take a long time to load
  • Windows crashes or freezes every now and then
  • ‘QuickTime Msi missing’ error message pops up repeatedly

So how to Fix ‘QuickTime Msi missing’ error message?

Manually fixing the error message is not easy. The troubleshooting steps get more difficult as you progress. Here is a list of steps to fix the error.

  • Scan your PC completely to check for malware or virus
  • Clean up system junk with Disk Cleanup (clear all temporary files and folders)
  • Update your system’s Device Drivers
  • Use Windows System Restore to Undo recent system changes
  • Uninstall and then reinstall programs related with QuickTime.msi
  • Next, run Windows System File Checker
  • Install available Windows Updates
  • Finally, perform a clean installation of Windows

You need to carry out these steps carefully in order to resolve the error. Improperly carrying out the steps may lead to more problems rather than fixing the issue. But you don’t have to worry about it. There are various software available which are capable of fixing QuickTime Msi errors. Look for a reliable one to fix the problem. Sometimes, you might get error messages while playing QuickTime video files. For instance, you might come across QuickTime error 8971, QuickTime error 23132, and so on. To fix all these errors, you can make use of MOV Repair tool. Both MOV and MP4 video files can be repaired in a short while, and in just a few steps.

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