Fix: An Unknown Error Occurred – ‘23132’ on Quick Time Player

QuickTime Error Fix

In normal conditions, your QuickTime player should be able to play both MOV and M4V files smoothly. However, when there are any software changes such as an installation, uninstallation or an upgrade of QuickTime, some conflicts may arise resulting in problems playing the media file. In this article, we discuss one such issue related to QuickTime called ‘Error 23132’.

Reasons for QuickTime error 23132

  • Missing or deleted QuickTime related files
  • Windows registry corruption due to installing or uninstalling QuickTime
  • Virus/malware attack
  • Corrupt installation of QuickTime software

Solutions to resolve QuickTime error 23132

Solution 1: Run Disk Cleanup

A lot of junk gets accumulated on your computer from using the web and general computer use. Cleaning up this junk will not only improve system performance but also help in resolving errors such as ‘QuickTime error 23132’.

Of course, you can make use of professional clean up tools if you’re ready for it, but a regular Disk Cleanup will also do the job for you. To run Disk Cleanup, follow the instructions below

  • Click on the Start button and type ‘command’ in the Search box
  • Hold Shift + Control and then hit Enter
  • Type ‘cleanmgr’ and hit Enter
  • After calculating how much of space you can free up, the Clean Manager will display the details
  • Check the boxes for the categories you want to clean up and click Ok

Solution 2: Update Device Drivers

Updating device drivers are also known to resolve the ‘Quick Time error 23132’ in some cases. To update drivers, please follow the steps below.

  • Click on Windows + X and select Device Manager
  • Expand the required category and find the name of your device
  • Right click on your device and click Update Driver
  • Then select Search automatically for updated driver software

These steps should help you update drivers. However, if you’re unable to update drivers, right click on the device in Device Manager and click Uninstall. Then restart your PC for the computer to reinstall them automatically.

Solution 3: Use System Restore to undo any recent changes

  • Open Control Panel and select System & Security
  • Then click on System > System Protection link
  • Then click on System Restore
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and select a restore point to restore your computer

This will undo any recent change that may be causing the QuickTime error.

Solution 4: Run SFC

SFC is a scan that is run on your system to repair corrupt or damaged system files. Running this scan often helps resolve many errors including ‘QuickTime error 23132’.

  • Click on Windows + X and select Command Prompt (Admin)
  • Once the command prompt opens, type ‘SFC /scannow’
  • Wait for the scan to complete as it may take a while and then restart your computer to see if you can play the video files

Solution 5: Perform a clean install of Windows

If none of these methods work, you may need to reinstall Windows completely to resolve the problem. This can be done either using a Windows installation disc or from the recovery menu.

Once Windows is reinstalled, try playing the media file in QuickTime Player. Ideally, this should resolve the issue in most cases.

Use Remo Repair MOV

If you have tried all the above methods and still unable to play your media file, it indicates that your video is corrupt. In order to repair corruption in MOV files, you can make use of Remo Repair MOV. All kinds of corruption issues such as header issues, blurry videos, audio video out of sync issues or virus infected files can be fixed using the tool.

You can also use this software to fix Quick Time error 2048 and other common QuickTime errors. Just download a trial and try for yourself.

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